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Auto-generate API documentation for Python projects.

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Auto-generate API documentation for Python projects.

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$ pip install pdoc3


Pdoc will accept a Python module file, package directory or an import path.

$ pdoc your_project

See pdoc --help for more command-line switches and the documentation for more usage examples.


  • Simple usage. Generate sensible API (+ prose) documentation without any special configuration.

  • Support for common docstrings formats (Markdown, numpydoc, Google-style docstrings) and some reST directives.

  • pdoc respects __all__ when present.

  • Inheritance used as applicable for inferring docstrings for class members.

  • Support for documenting module, class, and instance variables by traversing ASTs.

  • Automatic cross-linking of referenced identifiers in HTML.

  • Overriding docstrings with special module-level __pdoc__ dictionary.

  • Built-in development web server for near instant preview of rendered docstrings.

The above features are explained in more detail in pdoc’s documentation (which was generated with pdoc).

pdoc cli

pdoc includes a feature-rich “binary” program for producing HTML and plain text documentation of your modules.

To produce HTML documentation of your whole package in subdirectory ‘build’ of the current directory, using the default HTML template, run: